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12-oz-tray-bag-only   "The Slab"
5401-Christmas-Tree-2017   # 5401 Christmas Tree Complete Packaging Solution
5425-Heart-Tray-only   5 Ounce Eco-Friendly Direct Pour Heart Tray
5418.1bb.Kraft   5418 Full Window, Kraft, Complete Packaging Solution
5418.1bb.Chocolate-Brown   5418 Full Window, Chocolate Brown, Complete Packaging Solution
5418.1bb.Madero-Beach   5418 Full window, Madero Beach, Complete Packaging Solution
5426-Red-Heart-CPS   5426 Red Heart Complete Packaging Solution
5442.1bb.Kraft   5442, Half Window, Kraft Brown, Complete Packaging Solution
5442-1bb-Chocolate-Brown   5442, Half Window, Chocolate Brown, Complete Packaging Solution
5442-1bb-Madero-Beach   5442, Half Window, Complete Packaging Solution, Madero Beach
5425-Pizza   7 inch Chocolate Pizza Tray, Complete Production and Packaging Solution
CPL   Cocao Percentage Labels
MMJ2   Coming soon direct pour tray with Leaf
EL.01   Custom Printed Edible Labels
5426   Direct Pour 6 Point Star
MMJ-1oz   Direct pour tray for medible chocolate bar production
ECO-7.5-x-4.5   Eco-friendly Envelope for Medical Marijuana
ECO-7.5-x-4.5-sample   Eco-friendly Envelope for Medical Marijuana-sample request
MD-2-Gloss   Happy Mothers Day Label Gloss (shiny) finish
MD-2   Happy Mothers Day Label Matt finish
MD-1-Gloss   Happy Mothers Day Labels, Gloss (shiny) finish
MD-1   Happy Mothers Day Labels, Matt finish
Metal-1   Metallic boxes made from hand made paper
Bronzehand   Metallic Bronze Handmade Paper Box
Goldhand   Metallic Gold Handmade Paper Box
Pearlhand1   Pearlized Handmade Paper Box
Handsilver   Silver Handmade Paper Box
BB01   Single Cavity Eco-friendly Direct Pour 1 Ounce Tray / Bag
BB3oz-1-Cavity   Single Cavity Eco-friendly Direct Pour 3 Ounce Tray / Bag
BB1oz-1MM   Stock Direct Pour Tray/Bags for Edible Canabis
Slab.-Kraft   The Slab, Complete Packaging Solution
BB3oz-3-Cavity   Triple Cavity Eco-Friendly Direct Pour 3 Ounce Tray / Bag
WPB-01-1446   Wedding Party Box

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