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12-oz-tray-bag-only   "The Slab"
5418-Christmas-Tree   # 5418 Christmas Tree Complete Packaging Solution
5425-Heart-Tray-only   5 Ounce Eco-Friendly Direct Pour Heart Tray
5418.1bb.Kraft   5418 Full Window, Kraft, Complete Packaging Solution
5418.1bb.Chocolate-Brown   5418 Full Window, Chocolate Brown, Complete Packaging Solution
5418.1bb.Madero-Beach   5418 Full window, Madero Beach, Complete Packaging Solution
5418-Copper   5418 Metallic Copper Tone Handmade Paper Box
5418-Goldtone   5418 Metallic Gold Handmade Paper Box
5418-Pearl-Tone   5418 Pearl Tone Handmade Paper Box
5418-Seasons-Greetings   5418 Seasons Greetings Christmas Box
5418-Silvertone   5418 Silvertone Handmade Paper Box
5426-Red-Heart-CPS   5426 Red Heart Complete Packaging Solution
5442.1bb.Kraft   5442, Half Window, Kraft Brown, Complete Packaging Solution
5442-1bb-Chocolate-Brown   5442, Half Window, Chocolate Brown, Complete Packaging Solution
5442-1bb-Madero-Beach   5442, Half Window, Complete Packaging Solution, Madero Beach
5425-Pizza   7 inch Chocolate Pizza Tray, Complete Production and Packaging Solution
CPL   Cocao Percentage Labels
MMJ2   Coming soon direct pour tray with Leaf
EL.01   Custom Printed Edible Labels
5426   Direct Pour 6 Point Star
MMJ-1oz   Direct pour tray for medible chocolate bar production
ECO-7.5-x-4.5   Eco-friendly Envelope for Medical Marijuana
ECO-7.5-x-4.5-sample   Eco-friendly Envelope for Medical Marijuana-sample request
MD-2-Gloss   Happy Mothers Day Label Gloss (shiny) finish
MD-2   Happy Mothers Day Label Matt finish
MD-1-Gloss   Happy Mothers Day Labels, Gloss (shiny) finish
MD-1   Happy Mothers Day Labels, Matt finish
Metal-1   Metallic boxes made from hand made paper
BB01   Single Cavity Eco-friendly Direct Pour 1 Ounce Tray / Bag
BB3oz-1-Cavity   Single Cavity Eco-friendly Direct Pour 3 Ounce Tray / Bag
BB1oz-1MM   Stock Direct Pour Tray/Bags for Edible Canabis
Slab.-Kraft   The Slab, Complete Packaging Solution
BB3oz-3-Cavity   Triple Cavity Eco-Friendly Direct Pour 3 Ounce Tray / Bag
WPB-01-1446   Wedding Party Box

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