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5 Ounce Eco-Friendly Direct Pour Heart Tray
5 Ounce Eco-Friendly Direct Pour Heart Tray

List Price: $150.00
100 $150.00
250 $270.00
500 $520.00

Product Code: 5425-HEART-TRAY-ONLY

250 HT [$150.00]
500 HT [$270.00]
1000 HT [$520.00]

Direct pour heart tray / Barrier bag made from eco-friendly materials is designed for your ease of use. Just pour your tempered chocolate into the tray and let solidify. Or while the bar is still in its liquid form, decorate the top of the bar with a variety of bulk confections, nuts or dried fruit. Tray holds approximately 5 ounces of chocolate. Once the chocolate has solidified, just slide into the barrier bag and seal. (Barrier bag comes with self sealing closure). Samples are available please email Pauld@pour-n-pack.com